A smiling fool
Artist Statement
We all attend to ritual and ceremony.
whether it is religious or the daily ritual
of brushing our teeth, I feel that ritual
runs throughout our lives. In looking at
the tools of ceremony they all have their
intrinsic symbolism and meaning. The
meaning can be in the shape, the
colour, the function. Almost all ritual
tools have a functional use or allegory
to a historical use. These items are
usually quite sacred to the user.
Following this view I am currently
making ceremonial vessels; some have
been for real ceremony some for

Short Bio
Started artistic life in theatre doing
stage design and management.
Stagecraft at times is scultping on a
very large scale. Eventually my skills in
management took me into producing
and directing. Theatre is no longer a
large part of my life as my interests
moved on. My hands have lead my
heart and am now creating in wood and
... I am a professional member
of the American Association of
Woodturners and a past
President of the Calgary
Woodturners Guild. I have
taught woodturning for the 10
years. Metalwork, specifically
copper, is appearing in more
and more of the pieces as it is
a wonderful medium.
Dennis Milbrandt